The Autonomous Province of Trento will participate in the European Digital Innovation Summit for active aging and healthy, which will take place in Brussels on 5th to 8th December 2016. On December 7 the European Commissioner for the economy and the digital society, Guenter Oettinger, will reward the regions recently selected as a Reference Site (RS) in the context of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA).



The Province of Trento has recently been identified as a Reference Site in the selection process that took place in 2016. This is the recognition of the efforts made by the Province of Trento to improve services and living conditions of its citizens. This process, coordinated by the Department of Health and social affairs, is an opportunity to further develop provincial strategy, to enhance both social inclusion and health services through ICT, with particular regard to the elderly population.

Among the initiatives related to the RS, there are several actions to enhance cohesion and social inclusion through a community-oriented approach (ie. the "Community Welfare" program) and the screening campaign aimed to detect the condition and the specific needs of citizens in fragile states ("fragility Management"). With regard to health services it is of particular importance the eHealth platform, called TREC (Citizen Electronic Medical Record). This electronic Medical Record has has significantly improved the quality of care and it is strategic to support innovative initiatives for health promotion and prevention.
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 The European Innovation Partnerships are one of the instruments provided by the European Innovation Union strategy and are aimed to enhance European competitiveness and to addres societal challenges through an integrated approach to research and innovation. The goal is to overcome the weaknesses (ie. fragmentation, duplication, low investment levels) which still hinder the process of exploration and exploitation of knowledge.

EIP AHA intends to address the challenge of active aging, bringing together all the key players of the innovation cycle: public authorities, the research sector and industry. The purpose of this initiative is to support and strengthen the adoption of innovative solutions and processes designed to improve the living conditions of citizens in old age, increase sustainability and efficiency of social and health systems and increase the competitiveness of the product markets by providing innovative solutions.


The Reference Site are European cities or regions characterized by the presence of innovative ecosystems gathering different actors (including regional and local authorities, city, hospital organizations, industry, SMEs, research organizations, civil society), that work together through a multi-disciplinary innovation-led approach. The scope is to develop creative solutions that improve the living conditions and the health status of the elderly population. The reference sites are selected with a peer-to-peer approach through a public competition (call for commitment) opened every 3 years (2013 and 2016).